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is a South-Slovakian company dealing with processing and wholesaler-trading of granite, marble and sandstone.
During its over-10-year existence the company reached a prestigious place on home market (Slovakia) and of course wants to succeed on foreign granite and marble processing and trading market as well.

NOVOGRANITE Ltd. is a firm oriented on production of tombstones or memorial tablets, although in recent years it has continually faced increasing claims to different architectural elements such as: elbow boards, external and internal covers, stairs, floor-tiles or flag-stones, which also heighten our company's manifoldness and success.
The high quality and accurancy of our work is guaranteed by the most modern technological equipments, computers, the newest softwares and a well qualified team.
Recent years have shown the return to the natural materials in architectural elements, covers, furnitures and garnitures.
Our company tries to satisfy the customers' all demands.

Our offer is:

  • tombstones and memorial tablets in different shapes
  • covers of facades, swimming pools, stairs, fire-places...
  • bar counters, elbow boards, kitchen desks...
  • engraving, abrasive cleaning, gilding or silvering letters
  • formatting, slicing, polishing of granite
  • cases for sepulchral urns
  • manufacturing and selling ornamental accessories of granite – vases, fontains, candleholders, statuettes...
  • making visual application in short time
  • realizing individual tombstones based on our customers' requests
  • well qualified, competent experts
  • delivering by trucks (IVECO)

Thank You for Your interest and we are looking forward to our early co-operating.

Oto Pelle
dealer of the company